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I was lucky enough to have experienced the best Ayuvedic experience in London and Acupuncture session in Milton Keynes from Sumudu who is truly a master at what she does.

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Acuvedic ClinicMeet The Team

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Dr Simi Godagama

Principle Acupuncturist & Ayurvedic DoctorDr Simi Godagama

Mr Matthew Middleton

Panchakarma & Ayurvedic Massage PractitionerMr Matthew Middleton

Mr Jackson Ryan

Panchakarma & Ayurvedic Massage PractitionerMr Jackson Ryan

London ClinicsRegents Park & Southgate

Regents Park - The Hale Clinic

Located in the heart on the city, Dr Shantha Godagama has been consulting at this prestigious clinic for over 25years. It was opened in by HRH Prince of Wales and is at the cutting edge of complimentary health care with over 90 practitioners providing one of the widest ranges of therapies under one roof.

Southgate - The Cannon Hill Clinic

The Clinic was established 1988 in a leafy North London suburb. The Cannon Hill Clinic is a private treatment and referral centre and has been the proud home of a team of highly skilled professionals for many years.

Milton Keynes ClinicsEmerson Valley & Furzton Lake

Emerson Valley

Dr Simi Godagama runs her clinic exclusively from Emerson Valley...

Furzton Lake

The Lakeview has been running for over 10 years.
It is also the residential home of Dr Godagama. Guests can retreat into the tranquil surroundings of the clinic, with scenic views over Furzton Lake.

“By knowing one science alone one cannot arrive at a proper conclusion. Therefore a physician should study other sciences in order to arrive at a correct diagnosis”
(Ayurvedic classical text: Susruta Samhita Sutrasthana 4.6)

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