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Panchakarma is Ayurveda’s mantra for detoxification.

Commonly Purvakarma is used as a key element in panchakarma practice which involves various methods of body cleansing. The Acuvedic Clinic offers the following treatments:

1. Abhyanga Medicated Massage (whole body massage using specialised medicated oils)
2. Sweda Steam Bath (herbalised steam used to encourage sweating)
3. Shirodhara (warm medicated oil poured over the third eye to encourage relaxation and restore the nervous system)
Through the ancient principles of good health this system of body purification will help you clear your internal clutter and put you back on track towards managing your life to adapt freely and effortlessly to the demands of modern living.

4 Steps during treatment:

1. Medicated ayurvedic herbal oil (specific to your dosha/ energy balance) is massaged over the entire body which shifts
deeply embedded toxins.
2. Marma massage techniques applied to specific areas which need attention.
3. Energy healing (Reiki) applied throughout or on specific chakra points. (Optional)
4. Sitting in a steam bath (10-20 minutes) where herbalised steam gently entices the pores to open allowing the exchange between
toxin and nutrient. Pure oil nutrient absorbed into the body through skin and toxins exit via the pores in the form of sweat.

The treatments leave you relaxed, still in mind and body, revitalised, nourished and fresh, banishing accumulated stresses and strains and therefore preparing the body for each season. In time blood, fluids and energy begin to course through the body freely and unobstructed. With Panchakarma, you not only release the physical toxic accumulations of the body, but also transform the mental, emotional and spiritual axis.

From over 13 years of experience Sumudu has most often found that as people let go of their physical toxins through Panchakarma therapy, there is an obvious physical transformation which takes place such as brightened complexion, looking years younger, opening up and replenishing energy stores of the body to name a few, however underneath these physical changes are the emotional, mental and spiritual changes which are life transforming.

With each bead of sweat released, the body rids itself of obstructions to the organs and tissues as well as mind and emotions enabling the freedom to exist with less dis-ease and more ease.

The treatment can be viewed as a physical “Spring Clean” which gives you a chance to start again feeling fresh in mind and renewed in body. When applied on a seasonal basis (at the change of seasons) the body is primed and ready for the challenges of a new environment. For many what starts out as a cleansing treatment for acute or chronic episodes of illness transforms into a new lifestyle of good habits, better choices and a monthly or seasonal practice of detoxification, which is how Panchakarma works best.
In a nutshell, Panchakarma prepares the mind and body for change.

“In a environment which is ever changing, ever demanding, ever polluting, Panchakarma is a constant and permanent source of healing and renewal.”

-Sumudu Godagama

Panchakarma is a perfect adjunct to any Acuvedic treatment, such as ayurvedic counselling, herbal therapy, marmapuncture, and also Traditional Chinese Medicine.


The first treatment will involve a general discussion with Sumudu regarding your health concerns.  During each Panchakarma session you can discuss any changes you feel physically and emotionally and also evaluate your diet and lifestyle choices in order to maximise the effects of the treatment and course.  Sumudu will pay particular attention to your breathing, giving you the tools you need to improve your respiratory function through specialised ayurvedic breathing techniques and meditation.  Sumudu’s in depth training and knowledge of anatomy and physiology combined with her reiki training allows her to give an extremely focussed and healing treatment.

Major benefits of Panchakarma:

  • Improved digestion, memory, concentration, clarity, sinuses, complexion and skin
  • Increased energy levels
  • Relaxed nervous system
  • Deeper and balanced breathing
  • Reduced musculoskeletal pain
  • improved fertility (male and female)
  • Improved mobility and joint function
  • Reduced occurrence of common colds and flu like symptoms
  • Renewed willpower and confidence
  • Improved ability to practice meditation

(Although Panchakarma can be taken separately, for maximum benefit you may be advised on also receiving marmapuncture and ayurvedic herbs)

“Panchakarma brings out the best in your body, by removing that which creates the worst.” – Sumudu Godagama

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Panchakarma & Ayurvedic Massage PractitionerMr Jackson Ryan

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“By knowing one science alone one cannot arrive at a proper conclusion. Therefore a physician should study other sciences in order to arrive at a correct diagnosis”
(Ayurvedic classical text: Susruta Samhita Sutrasthana 4.6)

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